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SHIELDS HUNT DUFF STRACHAN has the legal insight to guide you through

the processes of administrative bodies.


Administrative law deals with the decision-making activities of government, such as federal and provincial tribunals, boards and commissions.  


The lawyers at SHIELDS HUNT DUFF STRACHAN have wide-ranging experience in appearing before a variety of administrative tribunals, commissions, and boards in Ontario and across Canada. 


If a decision has been made by a public body that adversely affects your rights, a member of our team would be pleased to assist you.


Administrative law deals with the relationship between individuals and the state in the regulation of social and economic affairs. Specifically, this area of the law deals with the body of rules and principles that govern the manner in which the state exercises the powers granted by statute.


The ways in which administrative law can impact rights are numerous. Administrative law governs the manner in which power is delegated as well as the limits that exist for the exercise of delegated power. Various decisions come within the scope of administrative law - for example, decisions made about granting licenses, selecting individuals for representation on regional, provincial, and national sport teams, or the imposition of discipline by professional bodies.


Issues that frequently arise in administrative law relate to questions concerning:

  • whether a body, committee, or tribunal has the legal right to make the decision that it did;

  • the process by which a body, committee, or tribunal came to its decision; and

  • the fairness of the process and the opportunity to be heard and respond.

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