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Work is one of the most fundamental aspects in a person’s life, providing the individual with a means of financial support and, as importantly, a contributory role in society.

A person’s employment is an essential component of his or her sense of

identity, self-worth and emotional well-being.

– Chief Justice Dickson of the Supreme Court of Canada


Losing a job can be devastating.  At SHIELDS HUNT DUFF STRACHAN, we work hard to resolve the many issues and challenges that our clients face when this happens. 


We dedicate ourselves to obtain fair and favourable results for you, while guiding you through the legal process to reach a solution.


Members of our team are well-placed to advise and represent you in all employment-related matters, including wrongful and constructive dismissal. 


In addition, we regularly advise clients with respect to:


  • Harassment, bullying and violence in the workplace, and any related investigations;

  • Human rights complaints and the duty to accommodate in the workplace;

  • Employment benefits, including maternity and parental leave;

  • Interpretation of employment contracts, independent contractor and consulting agreements, competition, solicitation and confidentiality agreements; and

  • Employee rights flowing from the sale of a business.

Federally Regulated Employees

Do you work in a federally regulated industry or workplace (i.e. banking, aviation, rail, nuclear energy, telecommunications, broadcasting, etc.)?


The Canada Labour Code (the "Code") creates a unique legal regime that may include special rights for you, which are not generally available in other sectors not covered by federal regulation. One of the most commonly overlooked provisions is the right of certain discharged employees to seek reinstatement through the unjust dismissal provisions of the Code.


If you have questions or concerns about the legal rights and obligations that may be applicable in your federally regulated workplace, our team is able to guide and advise you from a foundation of long experience in this unique field of employment law.

Public Service Employees

The team at SHIELDS HUNT DUFF STRACHAN is dedicated to protecting the rights of federal, provincial and municipal public service employees. Our lawyers have considerable experience and expertise in this area.


For example, we can provide comprehensive and experienced advice on:


  • Wrongful and constructive dismissal, harassment, bullying and violence in the workplace, and any related investigations.

  • Grievance and adjudication for unrepresented federal public service employees: grievance and adjudication procedures are available to federal public service employees facing termination, demotion, suspension or financial penalties.

  • Staffing fairness: an unsuccessful candidate in an internal appointment process may file a complaint alleging abuse of authority, including personal favouritism.

  • Discrimination: Like private sector companies, the government cannot discriminate against an employee by reason of a person’s race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability or a conviction for which a pardon has been granted or a record suspended.

  • Whistle-blower protection: federal laws protect employees who believe they have witnessed wrongdoing in the public sector. We similarly represent employees who are suffering from reprisal because of a disclosure they have made.


If your government employer has violated your rights, a member of our team would be pleased to assist you.

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