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SHIELDS HUNT DUFF STRACHAN recognizes that hiring and retaining excellent people is essential for the success of your organization and its reputation. 


To ensure that your people are treated fairly requires a work environment where they are respected and where their rights, interests, and legitimate expectations are protected. This means that if and when issues arise in the workplace, they are dealt with in an objective, efficient, and effective manner.


Our professionals will use their experience in conducting workplace investigations to prepare timely reports that contain clear findings and effective recommendations to help employers meet their legal obligations.


Our professionals are equally able to assist employees who are either complainants or respondents to a workplace investigation or who have been identified as witnesses to be interviewed in an investigation. We can help to ensure that you know your rights and that your rights are protected.


We are able and willing to provide assistance with respect to a wide range of workplace investigations, including investigations concerning: 


  • Sexual harassment, bullying, and psychological harassment;

  • Hostile work environments;

  • Statutory violations;

  • Policy breaches;

  • Racial harassment and workplace discrimination;

  • Anonymous complaints;

  • Workplace health and safety incidents;

  • Inappropriate and disrespectful workplace behaviour; and

  • Disability and attendance management.


We are also available to assist in training human resources personnel to conduct proper investigations and to know when to retain third parties to conduct investigations. Our experience in alternative dispute resolution, labour relations and mediation enables us to provide practical recommendations as to how best to preserve the working relationship.


For assistance, please contact Daria Strachan or Jennifer Duff.

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